Every visit is a joy. Julie is fully present with me and tuned into my needs. Her ability to treat a variety of ailments always amazes me. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

  • Mandy S.

Having suffered from stomach and digestion problems my whole life, a friend suggested I try acupuncture and gave me Julie’s name.  I thought it would be worth a try since I had tried every other remedy, including taking an expensive daily prescription.  My stomach began calming down immediately after the first session, and Julie eventually suggested Chinese herbs.  That was the next miracle!   They work better than any other treatment I’ve tried, and I’ve now discontinued the prescription drug which cost $500/month.   Acupuncture sessions are relaxing and herbs work like a charm.  I wholeheartedly recommend Julie.       Shirley G.

Julie conducts her work and practice with great care. I have been a patient for seven years and can say frankly that without her care, I would not enjoy as good health as I do. I have and would recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture or chinese medicine.

  • Corey N.

Juie is thorough, but what stands out is her intuitive nature as to where the pain or discomfort is originating from and all that it connects to. Bimonthly treatments have helped my unique leg and foot situations feel better than they have in years. Julie is always genuine, thoughtful and concerned regarding all phases of a patient’s life. Besides all that… the MOXA is the best.

  • Martin S.

Julie accomplished in only three to four sessions what almost a year of physical therapy could not. I had bursitis in my hip and pain that kept me away each night and interfered with my daily activities. Julie’s acupuncture skills are amazing!

  • Donna L.

I have spent many years pursuing various alternative therapies for pain relief, and Julie is one of the most incredible health practitioners I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to find a practitioner who has completed the necessary schooling for a degree, but it is very rare to find a practitioner who has a genuine gift for healing and restoring a person’s body. Julie is this type of rare gem! I initially went to Julie for relief from pain associated with an ankle injury. I had heard that acupuncture could be helpful but came with low expectations as passed acupuncture had made little difference to my health. I was simply desperate for something to work. In addition to my ankle injury, I soon shared with Julie my struggles with neck and jaw pain, PMS, menstrual cramping and stress-induced insomnia. My first session was incredible – the type of treatment that reduces pain and increases physical vitality everyone versus impacting only one specific region of the body. Julie’s treatments continue to help my sleep, improve my ankle recovery, and significantly reduce debilitating menstrual cramping and PMS symptoms. On another occasion, I visited Julie complaining of debilitating wrist pain. I’m extremely active, and have been doing a high volume of shoulder and arm exercises in addition to daily swimming. I woke up one morning my wrist hurt so much I couldn’t pull toilet paper off a roll. I wore a brace for two days. I made no sense, as I had been fine the day before! Julie insisted that the pain was rooted in severe neck and shoulder tension, potentially compressing a nerve. All I know is that over a period of two sessions, she applied a bunch of needles to my back and shoulder and the pain disappeared. It was incredible, as the pain had been debilitating the prior two days. Julie also provided feedback for altering my exercise regimen to avoid a similar injury in the future. When my mom visited Boulder, I bought her a session and she had a similar experience. My mom had received acupuncture for a time years ago in Southern California, but had experienced little to no benefits. She actually asked me to cancel the appointment, but I insisted that she keep it. My mom suffers from insomnia, menopause symptoms (eg. severe hot flashes) and some shoulder pain. She came out of the session floating, and slept like a log that night. She noticed decreased inflammation across her whole body, increased peace of mind and a decrease in hot flashes. On numerous occasions, for the following months, she said that she wished she lived in Boulder and could see Julie regularly. In addition to Julie’s skill as a practitioner, she is deeply grounded, peaceful, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout my time as her patient, I have appreciated learning about Chinese medicine. In addition to education, she’s provided lifestyle modifications that have continued to improve my quality of life. Another reason she’s so respectable is her desire to make acupuncture accessible to all people. She has a weekly acupuncture clinic where she sees two clients at a time at a reduced rate from her individual sessions. As a graduate student, this made all the difference. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Julie. I only wish she had a clinic in San Diego, where I recently moved for a new job. She’s a wonderful practitioner and lovely human being, you simply can’t go wrong working with her!

  • Danielle K.

I’ve been getting acupuncture regularly for the past ten years, and the treatments I receive from Julie are some of the best I’ve ever experienced!

  • Jeremy S.

Dr. Julie Smith has been greatly improving my overall physical, mental, and emotional health in the last few months with her acupuncture, moxa and Chinese herbal knowledge and personalized treatments. I could not be more thankful for her presence and skill level and availability.  I would gladly recommend Dr. Julie Smith at the Moxa Shack to everyone seeking help with health issues.

  • J. Lunk

I have been seeing Julie Smith over 3 years and she does great work figuring out my aging soreness problems.  She is a very caring and knowledgeable caregiver and I highly recommend her work.

  • Larry Quinn

Julie Smith is professional and thorough.  The atmosphere at the Lyons Community Acupuncture Clinic is inviting and peaceful, conducive to healing. I recommend this clinic to anyone considering acupuncture treatment.

  • Carol Myers

Julie is a skillful and compassionate acupuncture expert.  She demonstrates knowledge and confidence.

  • Andy Rose

Julie does good work. I have been seeing her for years and I appreciate her caring and the effectiveness of her treatments.  Definately recommend.

  • Elizabeth P

My girlfriend scheduled an appointment for me with Julie after the Boulder Ironman.  I’d never had acupuncture before and wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have to say the treatment worked wonders! I was extremely sore after the race, specifically my legs and knees.  Julie performed a treatment that targeted my knees and I had no pain after the treatment! Fastest knee recovery out of a race, I’ve ever done. I’d see her regularly if I didn’t live out of state.

  • Brian

I found my treatment to provide relief from pent up tension.  I was pleased with the results and will be returning

  • Tom

I have had acupuncture from Julie many times for various issues.  I have always had positive results.  She is very knowledgeable in all areas of acupuncture.

  • Cindy K

This is my second time to have a series of acupuncture sessions at the Moxa Shack.  Julie is very dedicated to healing people and very attentive to each client. I will continue to see Julie for acupuncture needs.

  • Mike T

Julie is highly skilled, compassionate, and very educated and experienced in her field.  She really takes the tie to get to know the complexity of your situation.  Highly recommend.

  • A.D.

Julie took her time with me on the first visit and seemed genuinely caring. Felt like she is a good practitioner and pays attention to detail.

  • Mark R.
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