Community Acupuncture

Lyons Community Acupuncture Clinic opened its doors in January 2010 to provide low cost acupuncture. Patients pay between $40-$60 per treatment, and that amount is left to the patient’s discretion. Community acupuncture is a fairly recent development in the United States. It is a national movement to make acupuncture more accessible to working class populations. It follows the Asian clinic model where many people sit in a room together and receive acupuncture. Most American community acupuncture clinics treat anywhere from three to fifteen clients at one time. By converting large warehouse spaces in inner city neighborhoods into clinic spaces and treating numerous people at one time, the clinics are able to thrive economically. In Lyons we are providing a similar service but under different circumstances. Because of our small population, we are open only one full day and two half days a week. Our clinic is a clean, inviting, and quiet space. One practitioner treats only two, occasionally three, patients at any given time. Furthermore, our treatments are thorough, lasting one hour, and involve additional modalities such as moxibustion, cupping, and auricular acupuncture.
The superior service offered at Lyons Community Acupuncture appeals to people for different reasons. Some people may not be able to afford acupuncture without this service. Others prefer to pay less for their acupuncture even though they may be able to afford the regular rate. There are those who like the more public and congenial atmosphere that this clinic provides. Community acupuncture is not for everyone. Some patients may be uncomfortable receiving treatment in a public setting with their particular health issues. There are also circumstances where it may be necessary to see one of the practitioners privately. 

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